07 January 2009

Y is for ...YAWA - Your Guide to January's Top Events!

Last year when ABC Wednesday was back at S, I promised You Ask, We Answer would provide a guide to UK gardening events for 2009. At the time I thought I'd just highlight the quirky like the sprout festival Anna had found, but on doing some research, I thought it would be good to include all manner of things which you might be interested in hearing about or even attending. I found the list got ever larger, so I've divided it into a monthly guide.

Although it's winter and our gardening activities are severely curtailed, there's still plenty of events to highlight this month. To find out more, hop on over to Veg Plotting, where details of Gardeners' Question Time, Potato Days, the RSPB Garden Bird Watch, Wassailing, the Whittlesea Straw Bear and your chance to quiz the Royal Horticultural Society await you!