19 January 2009

Welcome to ABC Wednesday

The ABC Wednesday concept was conceived by Denise Nesbitt. The idea is simply that a group of bloggers all post each Wednesday on a specific letter of the alphabet.

Round 3 is now complete.

This Anthology blog is now closed to new contributions, apart from necessary announcements. Contributors to this Round 3 anthology are heartily thanked for making this a novel and intriquing document. The blog will remain visible for the foreseeable future. The blogroll on the sidebar will continue to be maintained, but blogs not posting for more than 6 weeks will be removed. New blogs will not be added.

Round 4 has now started, but it is not proposed to produce another anthology blog.

To participate, all you have to do is to publish something appropriate each week on your blog.

The minimum requirement is that you include a link in your post to the ABC Wednesday blog.

ABC Wednesday with Mister Linky blog
carries a Mister Linky registry of participants. Please register each week, AFTER you have posted your contribution and ideally you should link to the specific week's post, not merely the blog's home page.